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Episode 139. mp3. Released January 12, 2014.

Radio Slipstream is 9 years old today.
That’s fucked.
So here’s another episode. A bit of a gothic tint this time around (You can probably guess by acting out some of the names). A couple of classics. Some newer witchiness, and a bit of hip hop at the end… cuz.

Also, please try to pronounce Einstürzende Neubauten loudly at friends and enemies alike.

Things to Note:
– The kickass lyrics Nick Cave gifts to us at the end of Release the Bats (“Baby is a cool machine/she moves to the pulse of a generator/she says damn that sex supreme/she says, she says damn that horror bat/sex horror sex bat sex horror sex vampire”)
– If you want to talk about the term “underrated”, check out Rowland S. Howard’s 1999 album. I’d even go so far as to use the term “hidden gem.”
– King Krule’s awesome accent.
– Capping it off with a self-titled album’s title track! So cool.

Hope you enjoy.

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