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About Radio Slipstream

Radio Slipstream is basically me making mixes/playlists to satisfy some arcane craving to find the best songs and their best friends and put them together in a row. It is now largely defunct, but there's some good shit in here.


I put a fair amount of effort into making sure all the songs flow together real nice, especially in the "mixes", which became everything as I lost the desire to record myself saying things probably to nobody.

I also put a fair amount of effort into ensuring I never played the same song more than once. I keep the giant playlist around as a "I thought this was a real rad track that I should play on my show!" and it's good listening.

The cover art and titles are sort of free explorations of how the music of the episode "feels" in a sort of poetical slabby babby sort of way.

Broadcast history

On CFMU, The Slipstream occupied the following timeslots:


Damon Muma is a UX loving web developer who occasionally moonlights as a writer and performer and loves indie music.

This site

Has gone through some hilarious design changes and reorgs. In 2005 it was raw HTML; in 2007 it became Wordpress and continued that way, suffering a few redesigns when responsive web design became a thing and my eyes hurt looking at the old one.

basic black background plaintext website 2006

A garish, highly graphical website with an orange and purple colour scheme 2007

A more subtle version with a black background 2011

A more refined dark yet still clunky website with subtle background and orange accents 2013

In 2020 it was rebuilt as a static 11ty site hosted for free by Netlify to save on server costs without having to call the whole thing off. The sourcecode is on Github