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Episode 117. mp3. cue. Released August 25, 2010.

Back for more! Still without the use of adequate microphone, this episode continues the trend of letting the music speak for itself.

Still playing catch-up as well, following that yearlong drought. So this episode features a bit of an exploration of the Chill-wave fad from last year (unless you want to call it Glo-Fi… no comment). That whole movement, thanks mostly to its bloggy pushers, steams of calculated hipster holier-than-thou pretension; but there’s a great deal of nice sounds in there as well, so don’t worry about it. After the nostalgic summer bits, you’re going to hear some low-key hip-hop, which might be labelled backpacker-rap by your snobby friends (which means it’s for college kids and not drug dealers, or something). Broadly, this set of tunes is meant to serve as a celebration and farewell to hot summer sun and vacation. So whether it’s night or day, in the basement or the beach, close your eyes and lie in the sun.

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