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Episode 88. originally aired September 24, 2007

With apologies for the late update of the site, here is probably the most unique and potentially most exciting episode of the slipstream to date. This past weekend I trawled around the sights and sounds of the LOLA festival, with my digital camera in tow, which turned out to have a sound recorder for its damn decent mic. So as it turned out I used my status as a community radio host to get some interviews with various folks. The interviews are occasionally of subpar quality, but I did learn a lot about the process from a technical and theoretical standpoint. I also managed to record a few special LOLA performances, which crop up also (see tracklisting for details of course). And just to keep things lively, behind my inane ramblings, you can hear snatches of many live performances recorded throughout the weekend at Victoria Park. It was thrown together in a bit of a mad panic on Sunday as I was leaving in the evening for Toronto, but I think it’s still worth a listen, and hope you will to. So what are you waiting for.. check it out (on the podcast, or the link above). Also, LOLAfest is a really exciting event and one of my most favourite things of a long while, so it’s worth looking into and encouraging similar endeavours.

Holy Fuck / The Pulse / Holy Fuck (EP) (2007)
My Brightest Diamond / Golden Star (Stop Die Resuscitate Remix) / Unreleased (2007)

*DJ TLO / Scratching Solo / Live at LOLA (2007)
Sixtoo / Sidewinders / Chewing on Glass & Other Miracle Cures (2004)
OK Cobra / Child In Rhyme / OK Cobra (2006)
Prefuse 73 / One Word Extinguisher / One Word Extinguisher (2003)

Interview with LOLA festival director Andrew P Francis

Beach House / Apple Orchard / Beach House (2006)
Sandro Perri / Family Tree / Tiny Mirrors (2007)
Torngat / Minute By Minute / You Could Be (2007)

Interview with artist Mr Ghosty

*Final Fantasy / Paris 1919 (John Cale cover) / Live at LOLA (2007)
Ohbijou / Steep / Swift Feet For Troubling Times (2006)
Basia Bulat / Snakes and Ladders / Oh My Darling (2007)
Meligrove Band / Planets Conspire / Planets Conspire (2005)

Akron/Family / Lake Song/New Ceremonial Music For Moms / Love Is Simple (2007)
The Acorn / Flood Pt.1 / Glory Hope Mountain (2007)
The Hylozoists / Strait Is The Gate / La Fin Du Monde (2006)

Interview with Constantines singer Bryan Webb

*Constantines / Million Star Hotel / Live at LOLA (2007)

Old Man Luedecke / Roustabout / Hinterland (2006)

Photos from the show

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