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Far Away Trains

This mix was inspired by and supposed, in turn, to be inspiration for a short story I wanted to write. I had an idea for a tale about snow and Christmas and trains and loneliness and trying to find warmth, but it never managed to get finished. I think this set of songs captures the intended feel very well, and it is definitely the most quietly evocative mix I have ever made. It might be perfect for what it tries to do, and that’s make you sad, or at least contemplative and it might convince you it’s snowing outside and you need to pull that blanket a little closer around you.

  1. Adem – Everything You Need _from Homesongs (2004)
  2. Kings of Convenience – I Don’t Know What I Can Save You _from from Quiet Is the New Loud (2001)
  3. Sun Kil Moon – Carry Me Ohio _from Ghosts of the Great Highway (2003)
  4. Josh Ritter – Come And Find Me _from Golden Age Of Radio (2002)
  5. Ulrich Schnauss – Passing By _from Far Away Trains Passing By (2001)
  6. Beth Orton – Sweetest Decline _from Central Reservation (1999)
  7. Espers – Daughter _from Espers (2004)
  8. Augie March – The Night Is A Blackbird _from Strange Bird (2002)
  9. Sufjan Stevens – John Wayne Gacy, Jr _from Illinois (2005)
  10. Alasdair Fraser & Tony McManus – Roslin Castle/Miss Gordon of Gight _from Return to Kintail (1999)
  11. Wilco – Hummingbird (Soma Version) _from The Wilco Book (2004)
  12. John Vanderslice – June July _from Cellar Door (2004)
  13. Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) _from The Hounds of Love (1985)
  14. The Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #2 (Laika) _from Funeral (2004)
  15. Portishead – Sour Times _from Dummy (1994)
  16. Radiohead – Let Down _from OK Computer (1997)
  17. Tom Waits – Time _from Rain Dogs (198

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