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Giving you "The Slip"

I feared/suspected this site was purely archival, but my brain can't not make playlists so even though it's real slow (a lot of these have been gradually cooking up over several years) I am now putting out some content.

No fancy mixing, just Spotify playlists due to time constraints and software constraints, but they're certainly inordinantly fussed over still.

It still doesn't quite feel the same as the full-blown episode/mixes, so given that radio is dead and streaming is redundant in these times we're going from Radio Slipstream to The Slip.

  1. Hands up; Fists up BLM, etc
  2. Dreamt Sideways wistful, dreamy, lush
  3. Phase Baubles disco, electro, smooth
  4. March 2020, 2020 pandemic feels
  5. Heath Magic darkish, atmospheric
  6. Clearer Air ambient, jazz, soft

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