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Episode 111. mp3. cue. Released May 4, 2009.

Thought we missed it, but Spring is in the air. Chartreuse is gradually taking over the palette outside my window. So today the sounds are light (as in lumens) and wispy and/or buoyant. Some great glittering oldies, a few delicate shimmery numbers in the vein of folk, and then some positive, gleeful hip hop (not two words normally associated with the genre, huh). So do please grab a hammock, a pencil and a book of blank pages, and an earful of blooming… Radio Slipstream style.

The Free Design / Kites Are Fun / Kites Are Fun (1967)
The Kinks / The Village Green Preservation Society / The Village Green Preservation Society (1968)
Disco Inferno / The Last Dance / The Last Dance (1993)

Erik Enocksson / The Joy of D.H. Lawrence / Farväl Falkenberg (2006)
1900 / Den Minsta Av Segrar (1900 (2008)
Pram / Mother Of Pearl / The Museum of Imaginary Animals (2000)

Andrew Bird / Not A Robot, But A Ghost / Noble Beast (2009)
Patrick Watson / Big Bird In A Small Cage / Wooden Arms (2009)
Emiliana Torrini / Birds / Me And Armini (2008)

CunninLynguists / Thugged Out Since Cubscouts (feat. Jugga the Bully & Mr Raw) / Will Rap for Food (2001)
Brother Ali / The Believers (feat. Slug) / The Truth Is Here (2009)
P.O.S. / Goodbye / Never Better (2009)
Mr. Lif / The Sun / I Heard It Today (2009)

Röyksopp / True To Life (feat. Anneli Drecker) / Junior (2009)

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