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102405: red embers remembered

originally aired 2-4am October 25, 2005 on CFMU

oi, mates! it’s le season premiere! roast me a kipper and flay me a jambo!

(mp3) [the file may be slightly mucked but should be fully usable]

2 am
U2 vs Lyrics Born / Callin’ On Sunday / Partyben (2004)
Castanets / No Voice Was Raised / First Light’s Freeze (2005)
Go-Betweens / Statue / Oceans Apart (2005)
The New Pornographers / Sing Me Spanish Techno / Twin Cinema (2005)
The Boy Least Likely To / Hugging My Grudge / The Best Party Ever (2005)
The Lucksmiths / Sunlight in a Jar / Warmer Corners (2005)
The Magic Numbers / Love’s a Game / The Magic Numbers (2005)
Metric / Dead Disco / Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? (2003)
Franz Ferdinand / Outsiders / You Could Have It So Much Better With… (2005)
Rogue Wave / Bird on A Wire / Descended Like Vultures (2005)
Clem Snide / Something Beautiful / End of Love (2005)
Of Montreal / Climb the Ladder / Satanic Panic in the Attic (2004)
Primal Scream / Star / Vanishing Point (1997)
3 am
Busdriver / Happiness’s (Unit Of Measurement) / Fear of a Black Tangent (2005)
The Books / An Owl with Knees / Lost And Safe (2005)
The Mountain Goats / Love Love Love / The Sunset Tree (2005)
The Eels / Hey Man (Now You’re Really Living) / Blinking Lights and Other Revelations (2005)
Four Tet / Smile Around the Face / Everything Ecstatic (2005)
Out Hud / It’s For You / Let Us Never Speak of it Again (2005)
Squarepusher / Tetra-Sync / Ultravisitor (2004)
My Morning Jacket / Off the Record / Z (2005)
The Constantines / Soon Enough / Tournament of Hearts (2005)
Elbow / Station Approach / Leaders of the Free World (2005)
Spoon / Metal School / A Series of Sneaks (1998)
The Rosebuds / Blue Bird / Birds Make Good Neighbors (2005)

Notes: Four Tet = Kieren Hebden = was in Fridge (as was Adem). I actually went and looked that up during the show after I wasn’t sure, and then forgot to mention it. Squarepusher is one of the pioneers of IDM and is really just one guy, Tom Jenkinson, and is (I am informed) not to be made fun of. He plays bass really well.
The levels seemed really too high on the web-stream (hence the blatantly loud mp3 and resultant decrease in quality), but at the station they were where they normally are, if not a little lower. Might be a problem with the stream itself. I’ll try to look into it so further shows are snappier and crisper.

NEXT WEEK!: creepy, terrifying ambience and music in honour of the eve of all hallows. hide the children. suggestions requested! requests suggested! (as long as they’re well in advance)

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