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the great aughtnine part threemix

For those of you who love music (who doesn’t?) but hate the sound of my voice and/or what I have to say (see previous parantheses please!).. here’s the most recent 3 episodes of the slipstream with only the sweetness of the music intact. And how sweetly intact it is!
This is perfect for those times when it’s preferable not to hear me blathering (including, but not limited to: dinner parties, romantic evenings at home, anywhere I currently am, romantic dinner parties at my house, all the time). Srsly guys, this is 3 hours of uncut musical bliss! You know you want it, even if you’ve had it before! Experts agree your first time’s never the best! Listen to those awesome transitions! That sweet flow of mood! Just do it! Hit that play button and go clean the house or write your genrebusting screenplay or move to Chicago to fall in love! I know you got it in you, baby!


(here’s a cue file, and an mp3)

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