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Prepositioned for the Ages

A rather enjoyable collection of tunes from the first (short) half of the second season of the radio show. I basically started with the first episode cause it was ridiculously good, having been built from a half year’s backlog of songs, then added from there. Goodness! Me!

  1. The Constantines – Hotline Operator (from Tournament Of Hearts)
  2. Mew – Special (from And The Glass Handed Kites)
  3. The National – Karen (from Alligator)
  4. Yann Tiersen – A Secret Place (from Les Retrouvailles)
  5. Castanets – No Voice Was Raised (from First Light’s Freeze)
  6. Go-Betweens – Statue (from Oceans Apart)
  7. The Books – An Owl With Knees (from Lost and Safe)
  8. Busdriver – Happiness’s (Unit Of Measurement) (from Fear Of A Black Tangent)
  9. Out Hud – Its For You (from Let Us Never Speak of It Again)
  10. Roisin Murphy – Night Of The Dancing Flame (from Ruby Blue)
  11. The Magic Numbers – Love’s A Game (from The Magic Numbers)
  12. The Boy Least Likely To – Hugging My Grudge (from The Best Party Ever)
  13. Camille – La Jeune Fille Aux Cheveux Blancs (from Le Fil)
  14. Andrew Bird – Sovay (from The Mysterious Production Of Eggs)
  15. Cuff The Duke – No Sleep, No Heat (from Cuff The Duke)
  16. Sons And Daughters – Dance Me In (from The Repulsion Box)
  17. The Mountain Goats – Lion’s Teeth (from The Sunset Tree)
  18. Jason Collett – We All Lose One Another (from Idols Of Exile)
  19. The Decemberists – On The Bus Mall (from Picaresque)
  20. The Rosebuds – Blue Bird (from Birds Make Good Neighbors)

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