Episode 112. mp3. cue. Released May 22, 2009.

We’ve been mostly steering away from the synthesizers for a while, so this time I’m going to unbridle a whole mess of smooth/tasty/euro/banging/sexy beats on you fools. The music starts off like a celebration of the edge between cool and hot on a sultry summer night perfect for top down cruising. Then it explores the territory and comes back with some pounding classics, noodly newness and generally steady beatings. I apologize I am definitely getting behind on the show. So so many awesome tracks lounging around in the queue waiting to be heard. I will try to get these gems out to you at a better rate. The slipstream is supposed to be new and great and it’s struggling with the former (but at least the great bit is what’ll count in the long run and it’s looking tip top in that respect).

Moloko / Pure Pleasure Seeker / Things To Make And Do (2000)
DJ Paleface / Do You Mind (Crazy Cousins Mix) (feat. Kayla) / Do You Mind (2008)
Crystal Castles / Untrust Us / Crystal Castles (2008)

Annie / Anthonio (Fred Falke Remix) / Anthonio (2009)
Junior Boys / Work / Begone Dull Care (2009)
Fever Ray / Triangle Walks / Fever Ray (2009)

The Field / The More That I Do / Yesterday and Today (2009)
Dan Deacon / Snookered / Bromst (2009)

Underworld / Rez/Cowgirl / Everything, Everything (2000)
Zazen Boys / Asobi / Zazen Boys 4 (2008)

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