Radio Slipstream is basically an audible demonstration of my obsessive love of music. The website primarily chronicles and archives my radio show (which started on 93.3 CFMU in 2005 and continues online as a podcast). Occasionally I throw in a list or music review of some type as well.

The Show

Radio Slipstream represents the very best songs I’ve been hearing sequenced together seamlessly for maximum listening pleasure.

There’s a few ground rules that determine how I go about making the show:

1. Every song is really, really good. Like top drawer material.
2. Every song flows into the following one, even when I stop to talk in between.
3. The same artist never appears twice in a show unless there is compelling and noted reason.
4. Every song has never been played on the show before, unless there is compelling and noted reason, or I fuck up.

On CFMU, The Slipstream occupied the following timeslots:
January-April, 2005: Wednesday mornings 6-9 am
October 2005-August 2006: Monday nights 2-4am
September 2006-October 2007: Monday nights 12-2am

The Host

Damon Muma did all this.