040306: sweet ass jams to make yr booty mauve

originally aired 2-4am April 4, 2006 on 93.3 CFMU


2 am
Coldcut / Everything Is Under Control / Sound Mirrors (2006)
Bloc Party / Banquet / Silent Alarm (2005)
Plump DJs / Scram / A Plump Night Out (2001)
Leftfield / Afro-Left / Leftism (1995)
Kano / Ps & Qs / Home Sweet Home (2005)
Lady Sovereign / Random / Vertically Challenged (2005)
Camouflage Nights / It Could Be Love / In the Summer of 2004 (2004)
Robyn / Konichiwa Bitches / Robyn (2005)
Roisin Murphy / Ramalama / Ruby Blue (2005)
Ladytron / Discotraxx / 604 (2001)
The Go! Team / Bottle Rocket / Thunder Lightning Strike (2004)
Kanye West / Gold Digger / Late Registration (2005)
Madonna vs. M.I.A / UR Hung Up / DJMonsterMo (2005)
Vitalic / Poney Part 1 / Ok Cowboy (2005)

3 am
Pnau / Again / Again (2003)
The Prodigy / Poison / Music for the Jilted Generation (1995)
Nelly Furtado / Promiscuous Girl / Loose (2006)
The Roots / Thought @ Work / Phrenology (2002)
Starsailor / Four To The Floor (Thin White Duke mix) (2004)
Junior Boys / Bellona / Last Exit (2004)
Felix da Housecat / What Does it Feel Like (Royksopp Remix) (2001)
Frost / Endless Love (Röyksopp Remix) (1999)
Annie / The Greatest Hit / Anniemal (2004)
The Decemberists / I Was Meant For the Stage / Her Majesty (2003)

This is sorta based around the DJing gig I did for the theatre and film semi formal (with the help of Marco. or really it was more like I was helping him). Only about half the songs here actually got played, but the other half I would sure have liked to. And man.. if people in general aren’t a little more close-minded than I thought. Unless I’m close minded for not thinking the black eyed peas are awesome. and thinking that lcd soundsystem’s tribulations is hella danceable. Oi. But maybe the regular joes are more discerning.. I mean they like only a specific group of carefully selected songs, whereas us indie blokes will like almost anything that they don’t! Well, that’s oversimplification and digression at their worst.. just enjoy the damn tracklist arright?


  1. Josh
    Posted May 7, 2009 at 18:58 | Permalink

    Cool stuff man. I need some help: I’ve been trying to look for more Camouflage Nights, but can’t find their music ANYWHERE. I can only listen to “It could be Love” and “Five Five Minutes” on their myspace page. Do you know where I can get their music??

  2. damon
    Posted May 9, 2009 at 1:08 | Permalink

    I only have 5 songs ripped from various websites.. guess they never got up to as much as I thought they might in the end…

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