The Last Leaf Left


For one reason or another Autumn is the season that resonates most for many people. Leaves go from smooth green to crinkled red husks. Coats and mitts must be dug out from closets as breaths begin to show. Lives must be dug up and moved as students are forced out of their summer solitude, leave home for school, or are thrown kicking and screaming into the real world when the first September without school comes to call. To me there has always been a great sense of nostalgia with the season, and an explicit longing for nothing in particular. To that end The Last Leaf Left is not a raucous affair. It’s been cut down from a shortlist of 150 tracks and filled with sparse, often plaintive songs, layered with hushed acoustic strums and dry, chilled textures. It might make you want to put on a sweater and buckle down for snow, but there’s still a hint of the warmth of freshly decomposing leaves and those last warm rays of golden sun to balance out the cold.

So uhhh. Check it out. See if I was successful in bottling up a bit of the latter days of fall. mp3 / cue

1. Azeda Booth – Big Fists
2. Beach House – Tokyo Witch
3. Marissa Nadler – Thinking of You
4. Angels of Light – Evangeline
5. Akron/Family – Before And Again
6. Mirah – Cold Cold Water
7. Bon Iver – Flume
8. Phosphorescent – Endless
9. James Blackshaw – Past Has Not Passed
10. A Silver Mt. Zion – The Triumph Of Our Tired Eyes
11. Sunset Rubdown – Us Ones in Between
12. Devendra Banhart – Heard somebody say
13. The Walkmen – Red Moon
14. Paavoharju – Musta Katu
15. Espers – Meadow
16. Augie March – Sunset Studies
17. Radiohead – Reckoner
18. The National – The Geese of Beverly Road
19. Shearwater – Rooks
20. The Elected – Greetings In Braille

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  1. Kristen
    Posted August 18, 2009 at 2:36 | Permalink

    I’ve just listened to this playlist for about hte BAZILLIONTH time and I still love it. It suits the moody-broodies of the Korean monsoon summer. Thanks!

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