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music and the internet

I guess it’s not surprising that I have a lot of opinions about this particular issue… the end of music, the beginning of music etc all as a result of the internet. My local newspaper, The London Free Press… or, sun media, really… recently (late november… time goes slow for me) had a 4 day series about music piracy, and very oddly, every one of the 15+ articles was written by the same dude. I’m sure he was trying to be objective and cover both sides, but… that’s just weird. There were, happily, some criticisms of the industry and thoughts on the benefits of filesharing, but nothing too extreme; it’s a corporate owned newspaper after all, what do you expect? It’s likely that as someone interested in music visiting this site you are interested in this topic; well, if you don’t have a subscription to the freeps you can read it online for 10 dollars an article. What a deal huh?

Yeah, didn’t think so. Anyway, I’ve always thought some kind of diatribe of my own was necessary at some point; I got a bit of one in responding at length to a friend’s facebook note about the sorry state of music these days, and I briefly entertained the notion of codifying my beliefs about music etc.. but then I found a link to this blog post, and I read it, and I thought it would be much more practical just link to it and save myself some effort! It’s a long read, but it’s very much worthwhile. I don’t entirely agree with all of the points, but the vast majority are solid enough that I can feel pretty happy championing its message. check it out.

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