a slight change of pace

As a gift for all of y’all my glorious listeners, this Christmas Eve I am officially announcing that I’m gonna cease with the 2 hour radio showpisodes, because i don’t think anyone really wants to spend that much time listening to the same thing. As of Jan 1st, or whenever the first new episode is released, it’s gonna be 1 hour episodes. The main benefit to this is that I’ll be able to release shows much more quickly (we all know that’s been an issue lately) and that you’ll be able to listen through them more easily (the average human attention span is down to what like 2 seconds these days is it?). The drawback (and probably I’m the only person who will notice or care) is that it’ll be a little harder to fit everything in and also to cover as much ground with as much epic flow.. but to counteract that I’ll probably try and have one show start up where the last left off.

Just, you know, so you know.

Questions? Comments? Snide remarks?

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