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So. This right here is the brand new and massively improved Radio Slipstream website that I’ve been working on. It is now officially open for business. Though there’s no business to be done here, so more like.. open for community?

The Slipstream began in January 2005 as a weekly mixed genre radio show on 93.3 CFMU, which ran until October 2007 when my relocation to London kept me from filling the station’s hosting requirements. It is now about to continue as a web-only podcast, which, so long as you have already found it is probably a good thing as it allows me to be more much rigorous with quality assurance.

The format of the program remains unchanged, but you will see fewer new episodes (roughly every other week). That might be a net benefit, because it means that each episode will be better! The website also allows me to focus more on commentary, reviews, links and features, which will grow to be a more integral part of Radio Slipstream. Hopefully there will be enough content to keep you coming back, and if not there’s always RSS feeds!

Content aside, the site itself has changed dramatically, both aesthetically (now it actually has aesthetics!) and functionally (note the easy to use sound players in each post!). And because the increased functionality is especially present behind the scenes, it will be much easier for me to add and update content. The new site is run by WordPress and the extremely helpful podPress plugin. The design is based on the shades of gray template of the sandbox theme. It has been customized heavily, as you can probably see. All the graphic design is my work and the recoding also, though with help from friends and people at various forums. Big ups.

If you have any comments on the new site or any suggestions on what you want to see me doing with this little corner of the internet, do let me know! While the site is ready for public consumption, there still may be a few glitches, so if you run into any please don’t hesitate to tell me!

Look for a new episode of Radio Slipstream shortly.

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