Slipstream Season 4 – Tonight! …and free stuff

As I’m in Hamilton over the summer of COURSE I’m keeping up with the radio show! I’m sure everyone who knows me assumed as much. It’s the same deal as always.. just hoping that the kinda sketchy CDs work tonight better than last week (which was a repeat of this old playlist and went horribly wrong so I haven’t bothered posting it). Season 4, as we’re calling it here at the institute, will be exactly the same as you’re used to, so why even make a point about it?
Well, I have a present for you, if you want it. Because I’m dorky and ever so slightly pretentious, I’m calling it the “Slipstream Season 3 Official Commemorative DVDR” and what it is, is a burned dvd with every single song (604 of them) that I played on the show since last September and a playlist so you can listen to them all in order on your computer or your ipod or what have you. How do you go about getting one? Well, you get in touch with me, by commenting on the site, email, msn, facebook, word of mouth or telegram, however you want (the more creative the better!) and you say something along the lines of “Hey Damon, that dvdrwhatsit thing sounds pretty neat, I wouldn’t mind having one” and then, presumably through that same or a similar form of communication, we’ll figure out how to get one to you (if you can drop by my house or I’ll be seeing you any point in the near future, that’s probably best). And seriously people, don’t be shy! If you want one let me know.. I’d make ‘em for everyone I know, but I don’t want to give ‘em to people who don’t actually care all that much about having a lot of obscure songs Damon really likes. There may be many of you who think that would be really awesome, so just holla.. even if you don’t know me that well or you don’t like me particularly or you think I harbor some strange grudge against your pet rabbit. I fully suspect maybe 5 people to take me up on this, and to the rest.. your loss! bwahaha?

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