radio slipstream – SEASON 3 – tonight

My little college radio show is set to enter its third year, which will most likely also be its last. As we have come to expect (a recurring pattern with 2 instances) the timeslot is slipping. This time backwards.

THE SLIPSTREAM, with your delicious host Damon Muma
from MIDNIGHT Monday to TWO on Tuesday
on CFMU 93.3 …follow link to discover lo-bitrate webcast of radio!

So I thought in honour of the new season, and because I take this little radio gig perhaps far too seriously, I’d formalize the structure of my radio program, by way of –

THE MANIFESTO. [scrawled with half a pen on the back of your tim horton paper muffin bag].

Music is art. Art is communication. Art should move us, spiritually and intellectually. Maybe moreso spiritually, but in a way they are one and the same. I aim to present, each week, a collection of songs that acheive small greatness in the field of musical endeavor, no matter the genre. What that really means is that I play the songs I like. I just choose them very carefully from a veritable slew (to illustrate this slew, I’ve so far listened to more than 150 albums that were released in 2006; and no, of course I don’t pirate music). I aim to play only songs that have a lot to offer, and of course what exactly that is can change wildly from song to song. I also want to make the best of what time I have, so I have determined not to repeat the same artist within one show, nor the same song within the same few years, except by accident. Of course taste is subjective, but I believe there is a large amount of objectivity in the analysis of art. There is good art and less good art, and of course a rather extensive middle ground. The Slipstream tries its darndest to be a place for good art. I want every person who listens to the program to hear and be moved by music they have not heard before or did not take note of on the first go round. A sort of goal for the show is to create for myself the ultimate playlist for my Ipod or Winamp or what have you.

The songs are selected well in advance, by being sent to my special playlist in winamp. Then they are arranged into a coherent order, shuffled around for a while, mixed and matched and blended (using mixmeister) so that they flow smoothly into each other. Also, the last song of a set will link sounways somehow to the next song. If the talking were removed one would hear a coherent mix. I do this all in advance and show up at the station with a few CDs full of each set as one track. Each show takes at least 2-3 hours to sequence, not including all the music listening or the burning, playlist writing, webposting, mp3 recording tagging and posting, manifesto writing, etc. The mp3s that show up here are recorded from the CFMU webstream and are therefore not particularly good quality. I apologize.

I basically sit in the studio, say some stuff and then press play. This year I’ll probably be bringing my shiny new laptop with me so that I can look stuff up if I need to and also lurk on msn and harass people into listening. Previously, everything I said about the show was just from trivia I have accumulated and stored in my indie-musically-overwhelmed mind. I like to be a big goofy now and then, but ultimately the me talking part is only so that you can know who these cool music making cats are.

So in the end, ignore all that jibber jabber up top, and what you get is a series of really good songs from a variety of genres flowing together for two hours every week around islands of Damon talking. What I get is something that I am almost always quite proud of.

Full stop.

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