Introducing The Slipstream

The slipstream lies under, above and within the mainstream. It’s a safe zone in the wild currents where nothing is anything but what it is.The slipstream is about music first and foremost, and it tries to be fairly all-encompassing about it. I can’t (and won’t try to) say that I provide an equal representation of all genres, but I can say that there’s hopefully a pretty varied array of music to hear. There is an emphasis on that which would fall under the very broad umbrella of ‘rock/pop’ or ‘electronica’ but there’s no limitation on what gets played. You might hear indie rock, hip hop, oldies, classic rock, IDM, trance, symphonic, electro, pop, folk or anything else that happens to pop up. The criteria for selecting songs is fairly simple: quality, interest, newness (in that order). Every week I’ll highlight new music of note, play some old favourites, and the maybe one or two rare, random or off-the-wall cuts, and likely spend a fair amount of time yammering about this, that, or the neighbour’s pudding.

Which is all a fancy way of saying that I play the music that moves me to want to share it with anyone who will spare some part of their hearing for 3 or 1 or .0005 hours on a late Monday night. And I can only hope that every now and then you’ll hear a song that does something to you, triggers a thought or a feeling or a smile, rings with truth or hammers and grinds with affecting intensity… and if you hear such a song on my little radio show, then together we have won a small victory.

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