RS Hip Hop Episode = Vaporware?

It’s been almost two and a half months since the last episode of inconsequential music podcast Radio Slipstream, and fan(s?) is wondering if the next one is ever going to see the light of day. Host/producer Damon Muma announced on the show’s facebook page that the next show would be a special one featuring old school hip hop. But that was several months ago, and the show’s unpopular website has remained devoid of any updates since Hebridus Scrotely’s Untenable Mentions were released on July 9th. We reached Damon in his dirty basement for comment:

“Basically, it turns out that I don’t actually like hip hop at all,” he confesses. “I’ve been listening to a lot of it to put this show together and I basically just feel like killing myself now. It’s not really music. It’s just crap.” He slumps forward slightly and wheezes. “But I’ve been promising this episode for a while now, and since my fans are truly important to me, instead of releasing a new episode that isn’t the hip hop one… I’m just going to cancel the whole show.”


“No.” He laughs cruelly but goes on to assure us that he is working on the show, albeit sporadically. He claims that school, a few web design clients, part-time soulcrushing call centre work, biweekly social activities and internet addiction have been taking most of his time.

The show itself has also been taking up more time than the norm. “There’s been a lot of research goin on here. Just look at my!” Damon reports that as of now plans are to break the show up into several releases to get it into fan’s ear quicker, but also for practical reasons. “It’s at like 70 songs and 5.5 hours right now and I haven’t even started rambling about why the songs are important and how hip hop came together and all that… which is going to be a pretty important part of this show.”

To add insult to injury, those 70 songs are all from 1993 and earlier. “Old school is a pretty nebulous term, but I’ve decided to cut it off at 1993… I wanted the last song to be ’93 til Infinity’ by Souls of Mischief. I wanted to make a bold statement.” He sits back proudly, then adds, “I might do another episode sometime to cover like 93-99 or something.” Maybe. If he ever gets through this one.

Research won’t only consist of listening to ridiculous amounts of old school hip hop and reading the inane opinions of online music nerds, either. He reports that he will be watching hip hop related movies such as Wildstyle and incorporating lame ‘ghetto-isms’ into his everyday speech. Moreover, he hopes to really “get to the source”. He has booked a week off of work and hopes to travel to New York, rob a few liquor stores, and use cocaine.

It sounds like he’s pretty passionate about this stupid little podcast, but as he starts running some raps he’s been working on by me I can’t help but worry. He’s a perfectionist working on this podcast in his his limited spare time. As the scope inevitably widens, the possibility of the project holding his interest long enough for it to actually be completed shrinks.

Damon insists that it’s coming, though, even if he can’t say exactly when, and he assures us that when it’s online it will be “the hot butter on the popcorn, rockin’ you on and on until the early morn.”

Bertrand Imapretentiousasshole

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