indie music tv, and an E.T.A.

I’ve been running a bit late with the show for this week. Well, for this 3 weeks I suppose. I got a little overzealous in my song selection period, and left the actual making of the show a bit late. The tracklist is almost finalized, though. So expect to see it very soon. And then expect the next couple shows to come quicker than we’ve been seeing because they’re nearing tracklist selection completion as well. I’m doubtful anyone’s on the edge of their seat about this delay, but I don’t want to make it into a habit.

In the meantime, is live, and, say what you will about pitchfork, this new extension of theirs is a pretty sweet place on the internet. Ever wished MuchMusic/MTV would actually cover good/interesting music? This is basically the equivalent to that in high quality whenever you want it on the old internet.

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