burial – untrue

this album is getting a lot of hype on various channels (at least the ones I’m tuned to). It’s an interesting piece, that is revealing itself to me slowly.  Burial belongs to the genre known as Dubstep. It is grimy and murky, spooky and decidely dark. Breakbeats, clattering sound effects and samples, deep deep deep bass and a steady snaking rhythm; but Burial lays on plaintive soul samples pretty heavy, though he then shovels some dirt over them for good measure (buries?). It very definitely reminds me of nighttime in a bad area of a metropolis downtown, a cool bite to the air, the lack of light an expanse to be filled with your own pains and passions and fears, but you can’t quite ignore the grim potential for violence, or at least the unknown. The layering of different voices in the vocal samples, though, makes it the journey less intensely personal and more like a collective experience. A real mood piece. atmospheric-like. All the songs can get to sound the same, all comprised of similar elements and lacking standard melodies or lyrics. It’s not the kind of stuff that gets stuck in your head. It wriggles its way under your skin.  Trip hop for the new millenium? And the meaning of the title? (untrue)- maybe just making us a little uneasy.

That’s how I see it for now at least. Just on my second (and first intent) listen.

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