The Unicorns concert pics

THE UNICORNS Live at Call The Office in London – June 1st, 2004
This was one of the more disappointing concerts I’ve been to. I did have high expectations, though.

almost a group shotall the dials are in placediamonds are a unicorn's best friendmy chord is better than yours!there's a fire in that boy!what happens if I press this button?shiny tooth and eyesyou know.. that chord with 3 fingers on the same stringlike a kid on christmaseast, west, rock togetherSinggus a songgebe still, my beating hearti really have to peedrumming and bassingthe hidden treasure will soon be ours.  yarrrthe no shoe hopin concertno.. i don't think you can fit that mic into your nostrilif i can't see them, they can't see me!look ma! no eyes!you don't want to knowwhen spotlights become very afraid...hang your head in shamedanger: falling ceiling tileode to a water bottlewhen one mic just doesn't cut itdrummers are the real bassiststired after a long day in the fields

And one bonus, out of focus (because I forgot to use the flash) picture of the anti-racism consortium held on stage during the end of the concert

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