Poorfolk (s/t)

The first track on Poorfolk’s self titled debut made one thing
painfully apparent: naming a CD after another genre and adding some
swishy guitars isn’t always enough to distinguish an album from that
burgeoning heap of mostly uniform, pleasantly mediocre indie bands,
especially when Jonathan Pearce’s voice sounds exactly like half the
lead vocalists already going. But unfortunately for the snide cynic
in me (who’s nonetheless snacking happily after the above longwinded
sentence), Poorfolk opted to put the worst song first and the rest of
the album is actually quite listenable. Stallin’ and Topple the Pride
are fine examples of meandering melodic folk-rock, sounding a little
bit like an understated, more layered Shins, or a less distinct
Calexico. Despite my initial misgivings, for the most part Pearce
lifts the ‘folk’ aspect above being simply an unnecessary gimmick.
Skip the first track, but not necessarily the whole album. Promising.

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