Keren Ann – Not Going Anywhere

After just 2 or 3 listens Keren Ann Zeidel’s English debut had
snuggled up against my subconscious. The songs all sounded familiar
and I already delighted in each one while anticipating the next.

Keren’s style is light, easygoing and very difficult to dislike. Her
gentle voice caresses your ears as the dreamy but catchy melodies
float over sparkling guitar arpeggios and strains of violin or piano.
The album exudes a delicate folky chill-out vibe, but there are some
louder moments and a good amount of variety within. It is a great
example of how music can be straightforward and emotional without
coming across as schmaltz, though it sometimes treads the line
closely. Like those infinitely enjoyable golden oldies, every song
brims with honest charm and friendliness.

Understated, relaxing and unabashedly pleasant, it’s not an album for
all moods or tastes, but I can’t help but think it may be the perfect
album to take the edge off late night crammings.


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