Beneath Augusta: You Gotta Come Down Sometime

When listening to Beneath Augusta’s debut, it’s easy to think of Muse with the bombast knob cranked down, combined with a bit of the laudable aimlessness of Elbow-or, more appropriately, to the sound of Bends-era Radiohead B-sides. In fact track nine sounds absurdly similar to “the Trickster,” and while that’s not bad in itself, it makes me feel like I’d rather be hearing the aforementioned song instead.

Comparisons aside, the band have a good command of the sound they’re working with. The first two songs hit hard, but unfortunately it starts to flag afterwards, though not from a decrease in quality. The sounds all come together pleasantly, but as the album winds to its close, the songs remain too similar to get very far off the ground. Fans of Pilate and Turn Off The Stars will definitely find a lot to like here.

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