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Every now and then I break with the familiar routine of Radio Slipstream and present an episode that is defined by one theme or another. People seem to find them more interesting than regular episodes.

010906: 111 2005 Albums that are better than Coldplay’s (Part 2)

The top 111 of 2005 part 2

010206: The Top 111 Albums of 2005 (Part 1)

The top 111 of 2005 part 1

120505: ball chain-window pull (+movie scores)

Some of my favourite songs/compositions from movie scores; so not a whole lot of lyrics tonight…

112105: your mother watches modern reinterpretations of shakespeare plays. with chuck norris. in hell.

Various songs inspired by the McMaster Fall Major Production, Henry V. Basically, it amounts to a few songs from the playitself and a lot of politically charged songs about war.

103105: skulk acres of frightened grey

A spooky collection of songs that might remind one of Halloween

List of Season One (2005) Themes

When I started the show, I had a theme every episode! Then I got lazy. This catalogues those in a single handy spot.