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Every now and then I break with the familiar routine of Radio Slipstream and present an episode that is defined by one theme or another. People seem to find them more interesting than regular episodes.

s03e22: cum stains are the new black

Only 7 songs tonight! But they are all rather long, so it balances out.

s3e17: paper towel beach brigade (+covers)

A special (I guess) edition of the slipstream where I play an assortment of cover songs and related musics.

s3e08: weaned in the tepid hollows of hell

The second annual Halloween special!

radio slipstream does welcome week

By special request (well, that’s what I’m calling it) I was invited to fill the prestigious 6-9 am slot on CFMU this wednesday morning live in the student centre with all manner of life swarming around me. It features a selection of my favourite sections from the summer shows I did, with special emphasis on the last one, since it was only aired at a really odd time and is one of my personal favourite playlists.

060506: slippity-hop nation

A collection of hip hop joints and jams for to keep your body movin’?

040306: sweet ass jams to make yr booty mauve

This is sorta based around the DJing gig I did for the theatre and film semi formal (with the help of Marco. or really it was more like I was helping him). Only about half the songs here actually got played, but the other half I would sure have liked to.

021306: toward and down the uparounds (b-sides)

The hidden classics, the forgotten gems. My favourite tracks that never ended up on any regular studio album.. that’s right.. the B-SIDES.. BOM BOM BOMM

013006: tiptop of countdown mountain, the. ze big 1!1!1! of 05 part 5.

The top 111 of 2005 part 5

012306: 111!!! it just keeps going.. (Part 4)

The top 111 of 2005 part 4

011606: the top eleventy one of two thousand and five (Part 3)

The top 111 of 2005 part 3