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This is like meta-blogging. Very self-referential and postmodern. exciting, yeah? No. It’s just stuff about the show or the site or the me. Perhaps the most important but least useful part of the site.

a slight change of pace

As a gift for all of y’all my glorious listeners, this Christmas Eve I am officially announcing that I’m gonna cease with the 2 hour radio showpisodes, because i don’t think anyone really wants to spend that much time listening to the same thing. As of Jan 1st, or whenever the first new episode is […]

the new

So. This right here is the brand new and massively improved Radio Slipstream website that I’ve been working on. It is now officially open for business. Though there’s no business to be done here, so more like.. open for community? The Slipstream began in January 2005 as a weekly mixed genre radio show on 93.3 […]

Slipstream Season 4 – Tonight! …and free stuff

As I’m in Hamilton over the summer of COURSE I’m keeping up with the radio show! I’m sure everyone who knows me assumed as much. It’s the same deal as always.. just hoping that the kinda sketchy CDs work tonight better than last week (which was a repeat of this old playlist and went horribly […]

radio slipstream – SEASON 3 – tonight

My little college radio show is set to enter its third year, which will most likely also be its last. As we have come to expect (a recurring pattern with 2 instances) the timeslot is slipping. This time backwards. THE SLIPSTREAM, with your delicious host Damon Muma from MIDNIGHT Monday to TWO on Tuesday on […]

Introducing The Slipstream

The slipstream lies under, above and within the mainstream. It’s a safe zone in the wild currents where nothing is anything but what it is.The slipstream is about music first and foremost, and it tries to be fairly all-encompassing about it. I can’t (and won’t try to) say that I provide an equal representation of […]