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These are generally ruminations and ramblings about music (or links to interesting things elsewhere) that aren’t fit to count as their own feature of any sort.

RS Hip Hop Episode = Vaporware?

It’s been almost two and a half months since the last episode of inconsequential music podcast Radio Slipstream, and fan(s?) is wondering if the next one is ever going to see the light of day. Host/producer Damon Muma announced on the show’s facebook page that the next show would be a special one featuring old […]

cross promotion: Rebicycle PSA

here’s a little something from my other life as a multimedia student: To make it a little more relevant to Radio Slipstream, the song in the first part of the video is Motiivi Tuntematon – Mankind Failed, which was featured in a rather more silly than usual episode of the slipstream (which is to say […]

facebook page

I’ve created a facebook page to keep people updated on what’s happening with the show. If you like the show and haven’t already joined, please do!

a slight change of pace

As a gift for all of y’all my glorious listeners, this Christmas Eve I am officially announcing that I’m gonna cease with the 2 hour radio showpisodes, because i don’t think anyone really wants to spend that much time listening to the same thing. As of Jan 1st, or whenever the first new episode is […]

Updates and science

It’s been a while, but things are percolating nicely; have no fear! I realized yesterday that the real reason I was being so sloppy at actually getting the next show done was somewhere in my subconscious I was waiting for TV on the Radio’s Dear Science to leak before I carried on with things. Now […]

indie music tv, and an E.T.A.

I’ve been running a bit late with the show for this week. Well, for this 3 weeks I suppose. I got a little overzealous in my song selection period, and left the actual making of the show a bit late. The tracklist is almost finalized, though. So expect to see it very soon. And then […]


A little look ahead at what I have to look forward to in the coming 12 months, musically

the best albums of 2007

As the year winds down, summarizing the last 365 days in itemized lists slowly becomes the in-thing. Whether it’s personal life, movies, or albums, there’s always something to list. It’s completely pointless in some way, but I guess we humans like to be able to categorize and rank things, so we can write it down […]

music and the internet

I guess it’s not surprising that I have a lot of opinions about this particular issue… the end of music, the beginning of music etc all as a result of the internet. My local newspaper, The London Free Press… or, sun media, really… recently (late november… time goes slow for me) had a 4 day […]

the new

So. This right here is the brand new and massively improved Radio Slipstream website that I’ve been working on. It is now officially open for business. Though there’s no business to be done here, so more like.. open for community? The Slipstream began in January 2005 as a weekly mixed genre radio show on 93.3 […]