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These are various mix CDs that I’ve put together over the years. Guaranteed to please!

The radio show allows me to funnel the very best songs from a vast and ever-growing music collection (currently over 50k tracks). My mixes, usually in the form of an almost 80 minute mix CD, add another layer to the quality assurance since they funnel the only the very best songs from the already wowsome playlists of the show. So you can really see what you’re getting yourself into here… my absolute favourite songs, ordered and mixed with passion and precision.

Some of the CDs have themes (genres, moods, subjects–as noted) and some of them are just a collection of the songs that are doing the most for me at whatever moments I find myself working on ’em and fit together best. They are available to download in high quality mp3 as single tracks (usually just shy of 80 min). There is also a podcast feed of Mix CDs exclusively.

The Neon Drift

Warming up the winter with the sleek glow of dancefloor colours and extreme bouts of catchiness. A bunch of shiny, catchy, warm electro/indiedance/house tunes to put a smile on your face and a rhythm in your step. Enjoy!

Grasping How to Reach

Being a collection of songs representing the most favourite of songs enjoyed in 2006 (not necessarily, but principally, being songs originating in 2006). It starts off gentle, ramps up in intensity, gets rather forceful, eases off with a bit of dance-club frivolity, and then enters into a sweeping streak of cinematic epicosity where you get self-actualized and have suns exploding in your heart.
In retrospect, this is not my most favourite of mixes, but all the songs are damn good!

Under the Brandy River Red

Around Christmas 2006 I made a trio of mix CDs because it’d been a while since I made any. I had a pretty good stash of songs lying around, so things were looking up. This one started from culling through the sets of songs I was most pleased with from the previous summer and sprinkling in new ones as required. It of course changd a lot in the process, but the result is one I am almost perfectly happy with. This one is probably my most easily likable mix and has a good mix of fast and slow.

Angels with Synthesizers

A companion of sorts to Devils with Drum Machines. Ethereal would be the word here.

Prepositioned for the Ages

A rather enjoyable collection of tunes from the first (short) half of the second season of the radio show. I basically started with the first episode cause it was ridiculously good, having been built from a half year’s backlog of songs, then added from there. Goodness! Me!

Sea Right Through To Sky

A collection of some songs with a sort of delicate drive to ’em. Dare I say sensual? Well, sure. That would apply to most music wouldn’t it?
There was a bit of bum track in it originally, so two years later or so I took it upon myself to redo it slightly (tracks 8 and 9 are the additions)

Devils with Drum Machines

A right bit hard-hitting, this. Inspired by a feature on an episode back in the first season, this attempts to present some dark, pounding, hella danceable techno etc. It’s a bit rougher than most of my output, but it gets the job done. It’s also a companion to its follow-up, Angles With Synthesizers

My Ears Bleed Blood Tears of Joy

This is actually the best mix CD ever (ed: at the time of this writing). I’m not just saying that because I made it myself. It just is. I’m actually completely unbiased on this and often quite self-effacing in general.

Holy fuck I’m awesome.

Far Away Trains

This mix was inspired by and supposed, in turn, to be inspiration for a short story I wanted to write. I had an idea for a tale about snow and Christmas and trains and loneliness and trying to find warmth, but it never managed to get finished. I think this set of songs captures the intended feel very well, and it is definitely the most quietly evocative mix I have ever made. It might be perfect for what it tries to do, and that’s make you sad, or at least contemplative and it might convince you it’s snowing outside and you need to pull that blanket a little closer around you.

Eye All the Somewheres

A few little songs that are, well, worth putting on a mix cd, as it turns out. A large selection of new stuff, and a general good turn-out, I think. No real theme, but a decent flow, I hope.