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These are various mix CDs that I’ve put together over the years. Guaranteed to please!

The radio show allows me to funnel the very best songs from a vast and ever-growing music collection (currently over 50k tracks). My mixes, usually in the form of an almost 80 minute mix CD, add another layer to the quality assurance since they funnel the only the very best songs from the already wowsome playlists of the show. So you can really see what you’re getting yourself into here… my absolute favourite songs, ordered and mixed with passion and precision.

Some of the CDs have themes (genres, moods, subjects–as noted) and some of them are just a collection of the songs that are doing the most for me at whatever moments I find myself working on ’em and fit together best. They are available to download in high quality mp3 as single tracks (usually just shy of 80 min). There is also a podcast feed of Mix CDs exclusively.


Electric Rubber Drum by Radio Slipstream on Mixcloud Episode 116. mp3. cue. Released July 24, 2010. Ok. A few bits of news: First! New Radioslipstream finally after more than a year. Good. Second! No narration on this puppy, just music. Having some sound issues with the PC right now and not bothering with hooking up […]

the great aughtnine part threemix

For those of you who love music (who doesn’t?) but hate the sound of my voice and/or what I have to say (see previous parantheses please!).. here’s the most recent 3 episodes of the slipstream with only the sweetness of the music intact. And how sweetly intact it is! This is perfect for those times […]

a closet for the citrus drums (mix cd edit)

The first 2 episodes of the year condensed to fit on one mix cd; presented in mp3 with a cue file to help you burn it. Yay! And apologies to the songs that didn’t make the cut. I may make this a tradition if I can actually get around to making at least 2 new […]

The Last Leaf Left

For one reason or another Autumn is the season that resonates most for many people. Leaves go from smooth green to crinkled red husks. Coats and mitts must be dug out from closets as breaths begin to show. Lives must be dug up and moved as students are forced out of their summer solitude, leave […]

Devils with Drum Machines II

There is no originality in the world. 3 years ago I made a mix CD based on a radio playlist. I was never totally satisfied with it, and always intended to remake it. Eventually I decided there was enough material to just stretch it out to a full-on sequel. So here it is! This is […]


If there’s one thing Valerie doesn’t like, it’s driving in the car with measured or meandering music blaring outta tha speakers. This mix CD was designed expressly to neutralize such occurences. Mixed and beaten from only the most energetic of ingredients, this delightful musical confection will surely stir you to “dance-action”(tm)! Balls to the wall, […]

mix cd edits vol 1

4 entirely sweet episodes from late 2007/early 2008 condensed to fit onto 80 minute CDRs

Sunstreak Azure Painted Down

Made this one around May, 2007. As a celebration of my university graduation? No, not particularly. It’s just meant to capture the spirit of summer, those bloated crickety evenings sitting on the back porch with the hot sun feathering out into the lingering humidity. That kinda crap. In a way you could say it goes from morning to hot afternoon into the evening and night. I’m pretty darn pleased with it, though.

sunstreak azure painted down (extended)

This is an extended version of the mix CD of the same name.. yes! advanced goodness! 40 extra minutes! (for those not into CD players anee more)


This little piece of work was created in conjunction with me starting to have thoughts about writing a story about some sort of weird faerie sort of somethings living in a park downtown and pestering people for change and generally being confused with homeless people. There’s more on that over at my personal site. The music on this, though, is all rather grimy or dark and violent or at the very least, spooky with hopefully a muddy ethereal quality. Most of my mixes steer towards the more melodic and listenable side of my musical taste, but it’s fun to stray away from that and I may do it more.