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Basically what you got is reviews of live shows, and various media (video/audio/whathaveyu) captured at various live shows.


This past weekend I trawled around the sights and sounds of the LOLA festival. I used my status as a community radio host to get some interviews with various folks (festival director Andrew P Francis, visual artist Mr Ghosty and Constantines singer Bryan Webb). I also managed to record a few special LOLA performances, and there’s even some pictures and videos to enjoy!

upcoming shows. fall 06.

As can be expected when one lives so close to Toronto, there are a lot of shows (that is, concerts) coming up that I really want to see. Yes. Some I want to see more than others. Italicized shows have been attended. (Parenthesized shows mean I probably won’t go, but are noteworthy). Starred shows I […]


From Sept 17-21, I saw four of the best concerts of the year so far. Following is a lengthy but brief account of U2, Lal, Peoples Republic, Saul Williams, Amina, Sigur Ros, Annie and Royksopp live in Toronto and Hamilton over four sweetly consecutive days.

The Organ and Controller.Controller pics

The Organ, Controller.Controller Live at The Underground in Hamilton – October 22, 2004 The Organ Controller.Controller

Explosions in the Sky, Adem pics

Explosions in the Sky wsg Adem Live at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto – October 11, 2004 Adem Explosions in the Sky

Arcade Fire live review

Last night I had the shit kicked out of me by the Arcade Fire. In the afternoon Colin and Amy came up and they, I, and Brian saw the play ‘The Love List’ which had Colin’s uncle in it (so we got 2 free tickets which made it quite worthwhile). It was very funny, light-hearted, […]

Arcade Fire live pics

The Arcade Fire wsg Heston Rifle, Belle Orchestre Live at The Underground in Hamilton – October 02, 2004 my camera became a bit of a community commodity this time, so only most, and not all, of the pictures were taken by my own hands Heston Rifle Belle Orchestre THE ARCADE FIRE

the Sadies live pics

The Sadies wsg Rick White Live at Call The Office in London – September 24th, 2004 Rick White The Sadies

Ted Leo/Pharmacists – live review

Expectations can be a real bitch. I’d been keenly looking forward to the Ted Leo show at Call the Office for a rather long time. It was a strange situation: I found out they were playing at CTO a month and a bit ago, and the name sounded familiar, so I looked into them… and […]

Ted Leo/Pharmacists – live pics

Ted Leo/Pharmacists wsg The Reputation Live at Call The Office in London – July 17th, 2004 – Review The Reputation Ted Leo/Pharmacists