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Lists of various things… my favourite albums from one year or another, upcoming concerts, what have you. Some of them are lists that are somewhat actively maintained like my list of artists that I’ve seen live – check the ‘last updated’ to see if they’re up to date at all.

upcoming shows

Holy good goddamn. There are a lot of shows (that is, concerts) coming up that I really want to see. Yes. Some I want to see more than others. Some I already have tickets to. Italicized shows have been attended. (Parenthesized shows mean I probably won’t go, but are noteworthy). Starred shows I have tickets […]

My Favourite Albums

This is what we would call my favourite albums of all time. Anything on this list is quite worth buying. It’s quite possible I forgot some things, and any ranking is interchangeable with most things up to 10 or 15 spots away, because ranking things is silly. But for some reason we love to do […]

My Favourite Artists

This is a list of my favourite artists and DJs and what have you. It’s not ‘the best’ just my personal favourites. I update it periodically, so it’s usually fairly accurate, though it’s obviously hard to be totally accurate about a list like this. It also tries to be temporally all-encompassing ; that is, not […]