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Lists of various things… my favourite albums from one year or another, upcoming concerts, what have you. Some of them are lists that are somewhat actively maintained like my list of artists that I’ve seen live – check the ‘last updated’ to see if they’re up to date at all.

100+ Tracks from 2012

Here’s 100 tracks that I loved in 2012, plus a bonus each for the artists with my favourite releases of the year. Check out the youtube playlist, or let me know if you’d like a link to the download. A couple tracks weren’t on youtube, but 108/110 ain’t bad. Hope you enjoy and let me […]

100 songs from 2010!

As in previous years (2009, 2008, 2007), I’ve taken the time to assemble 100 song recommendations from 2010 and put it online for your enjoyment! I haven’t been quite as drowned in music this year as normal for me, but you will nonetheless find an awesome collection of songs here from a wide variety of […]

100 Songs from 2009!

Like the last couple of years, I’ve put together my favourite songs from the year. Unlike previous years, more than half of these haven’t been on the podcast, so there will be some cool things I’ve not shared yet. I haven’t listened to as much new music this year as previously, so that may effect […]

My Favourite Albums of 2008

It has really gotten so far into the next year that it’s about time I either forgot about bothering to mention my favourite albums of last year, or just got it out of the way. I really enjoyed the countdown episode I did last year, but honestly, making it was kind of a pain in […]

100 songs from 2008!

I started this tradition last year, though someone else started it first a couple years ago and continues it. It’s a neat way to sum up a year of music: 100 great songs by 100 different artists. If you’re a regular listener you’ve probably already heard almost all of them but this is a chance […]

TOP 25 ALBUMS OF 2007.

Episode 95. Released January 22, 2008 Radio Slipstream counts down what it sees as the best albums of 2007! The tip top of my top albums of 2007 list that was fiddled with constantly throughout the year (and in its entirety went up to 280…uhps). Sure it’s a bit late, but that just means it’s […]

101 songs from 2007!

I’m running a bit late with my top albums of 2007 podcast, I know. Mostly because I’m being OCD about it and cramming in relistenings to as many albums as I can.. new and old and oft-heard already… you know, just so I can be sure of my rankings. POINTLESSS. BUT! When it’s finished, you […]

Arists that I’ve seen live

Another carry-over from the old site, and perhaps it will be kept updated… These are not necessarily endorsements, but I don’t usually see an artist I don’t like. It does happen though, from time to time, for one reason, or another (and those more embarassing ones tend to be toward the bottom of the list…). […]

upcoming shows. fall 06.

As can be expected when one lives so close to Toronto, there are a lot of shows (that is, concerts) coming up that I really want to see. Yes. Some I want to see more than others. Italicized shows have been attended. (Parenthesized shows mean I probably won’t go, but are noteworthy). Starred shows I […]

The top 111 Albums of 2005

So, I listen to a lot of music. Everyone who knows me knows that. I compulsively download, compulsively read about and compulsively listen to music for about 75% of my free time. Luckily music is such that one can listen to it and do other things at the same time. That doesn’t really matter, though.. […]