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Album reviews. Most of the short-ish ones appeared in the McMaster Silhouette, and almost all of them were submitted to

The Sadies – Favourite Colours

The Sadies like to defy easy categorization. Their sound takes on elements of bluegrass, country rock, surf, and psychedelia, but it’s not such a strange combination: all these allegedly disparate styles sound natural together. Favourite Colours is a wash of deep bass, clear-ringing picked steel and good old fashioned country twang. The melodies themselves are […]

The Wrens – Meadowlands

I’ve had this album for a while. Last year I listened to it once, was impressed, listened to it again, thought ‘this has good chance of becoming a contender for top 10 albums of 2003 or some such silly nonsense like that’. And then I promptly forgot about it completely. Enter late August 2004, stage […]

Kate Rogers – St. Eustacia

Canadian songstress Kate Rogers is probably best known for her collaborations with artists Aim and Rae&Christian. Her work on Aim’s truly monumental “Sail” got her some attention, and proved beyond a doubt that her voice is among the leaders in the biz. Haunting, delicate, beautiful, and on that track slightly unintelligible. Now she releases St. […]